Our mission


At SVX Mexico, as a committed B Corporation, we cultivate social and environmental impact investments.

We provide education services, knowledge generation, and design and implementation of investment strategies for companies, investors, civil society organizations and the public sector.

SVX Americas

SVX MX is part of a network of sister companies, SVX US and SVX in Canada, with whom we have had a alliance since our inception.

SVX MX is autonomous, but we can always count on the collaboration and synergy of our counterparts from the Americas. Additionally, we launched a multi-year impact investing ecosystem-building program with SVX Colombia in October 2022 thanks to the support of Global Affairs Canada.

Our story

SVX was founded in Canada as part of the MaRS Center for Impact Investing in collaboration with the Toronto Stock Exchange (TMX), and we have brought it to Mexico, adapting its model and strategy to the conditions of the Mexican market since 2014. SVX also operates in United States as of 2016 and Colombia as of 2022. We also have a wide network of allies, mentors, and institutions across the globe that support and actively participate in the services provided by SVX MX.

Investor Relations for Sustainable Agriculture
and Forestry Projects and Funds
Capacity Building:
Impact Investing for Investors and
Investment Readiness for Impact Businesses
Impact Investing and
Investor Relations Advisory
First corporate and
government clients.
- B Corp Certification
-Investor Relations in Colombia and Chile
-Structuring transactions for early stage impact companies
- Investment thesis for the conservation fund

- Advice for NGOs entering impact investing
- Ecosystem building, thought leadership and
market intelligence

- Education and strategy for climate finance,
biodiversity and regeneration
- Conservación + Finanzas Forestales
- Acceleration of Green infrastructure projects / Nature-Based Solutions for climate change

- Education for Investors in Central America
EPS Program (Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Landscapes) funded by USAID was launched led by CI and SVX
and as main partner
- Transaction of Rural Finance Structuring

- Training and market intelligence in Investment with a Gender Lens
- Launch of the agile structuring strategy (Indie)
- Climate Finance
- Landscape Structuring
- Blended Finance
- Regenera Ventures was proposed as an investment
vehicle for EPS (Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Landscapes
with International Conservation)

- Recognized by Sistema B as one of the "Best For The World"
B Corps.
- Beginning of EPS events (Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Landscapes with International Conservation)
Community of investors

-Once again recognized by Sistema B as one of the "Best For The World" companies in Mexico.
- We facilitated 2 regenerative investments in Mexico

- Advice on Natural Capital and Biodiversity investments
for Peru and Chile
Launch of the Sustainable Investment Browser: to connect entrepreneurs + investors financed
by Fomento Social Citibanamex
- Start of the Asset Management division

-Launch of Regenera Ventures I
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Launch SVX Colombia Launched SVX Colombia by allocating
CAD 4 million in grants for rural regeneration with a gender perspective in collaboration with SVX Canada
funded by Global Affairs Canada
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Holistic Impact Investment Spectrum


The Impact Investment Paradigm


What makes us different

Co-creation, collaboration
and interdependence
We collaboratively design strategies, actively involving and engaging all team members to collectively achieve the desired impact.
Creativity and innovation
in finance
We understand the different ways to leverage investments, from grants to guarantees and equity. We stand out for our technical capabilities that make this strategic diversity possible.
Systemic thinking
We seek to understand the connections and interactions between the various elements that make up an integral system, rather than viewing it in separate parts.

Our team

Stevie Smyth

CEO and partner with experience in blended finance, gender lens investing, alternative structuring and business development.

Laura Ortiz

Founder and Chief Purpose Officer with experience in investment banking, Impact Investing Advisor and regenerative investments co-creator.

Marco Priego

Director of Consulting Services with experience in designing and implementing sustainable development strategies and projects.

Miriam Magallón

Administration and accounting, with experience in banking and early stage companies.

Mario Burgos

Investment Director with experience in private debt, corporate banking and financial advice for entrepreneurs. Founder and member of urban and peri-urban agriculture initiatives.

Guenda Lau

Consulting services manager with experience in financing sources and process optimization, such as sales-based financing for companies with a gender lens or with social and/or environmental impact.

Antonio de la Rosa

Intelligence and education manager, with experience in regenerative agriculture, entrepreneurship and rural development. Producer of cocoa and other regenerative crops on the coast of Oaxaca.

Tania Arroyo

Expert in Sustainable Development, Impact and Responsible Consumption; with complementary experience in entrepreneurship and communication.

Ana Carolina Loredo

Intelligence analist with experience in database research and structuring.

Katia Guillén

International Relations with experience in administration and customer service.

Pedro Neumann

Advisory Services analyst, with experience in financial analysis, planning and operation for early-stage startups.

Daniela Zárate

Communication and Community Associate, with more than 6 years of experience in building marketing strategies for startups and LATAM companies.